Cody Iwanow: The Business Consultant Of Your Dreams

In today’s fast-paced world of business, Cody Iwanow can be the man to take your company to the next level. We hear all about his talents and vision for the future.

Ambitious Vision

Business guru and consultant Cody Iwanow has firmly set his sights on the road to his first $100 million.

For most people, a challenge on that scale would simply prove to be far too daunting and unachievable.

Rather than test themselves and aim to reach new levels of success, many people are afraid to leave their comfort zone and, as a result, live a repetitive life of discontent.

But Cody is a truly unique figure and different than most people when it comes to challenging himself. And this is despite facing a remarkable amount of adversity in his life.

Remarkable Resilience

Cody grew up without his parents and played football as he hoped to make it out that way. He played college football and ended up getting into trouble with the law.

However, he did not let those experiences dictate how his life ended up.

Instead, he used the situation to grow as a person and become who he was destined to be.

Cody got past that stuff and started working for someone who is one of his mentors to this today. 

Cody started his own business and has been growing ever since. He became a big business consultant, which has seen him go into businesses and 2-6x their profits. Furthermore, Cody is now employing over 200 people.

Unique Traits

There are countless numbers of unique characteristics of Cody and his business.

One of them is the ability to find ways to generate more profits with minimal tweaks to existing businesses.

Furthermore, there is the ability to network and connect the dots, along with in return generating relationships that last years and generate life-changing amounts of money.

Not only is Cody a remarkably talented individual, but he has also turned his business into a superb company.

He started the business in 2016 and has enjoyed huge amounts of success.

However, he also has many future goals and ventures in his sights, including going into the NFT / Crypto space with a couple of big names, along with having the road to his first $100 million firmly in his sights.

Furthermore, Cody truly believes that the harder you work the luckier you get – and that you are who you keep around you.

Follow Cody on Instagram @Iwannaknow94.

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