The Remarkable Journey of Globally Recognized Educator Dr. Santarvis

Not many people completely dedicate themselves to one field of work during their life. But Dr. Santarvis Brown certainly has. We hear all about his time in education and where he sees himself in 10 years.

Delivering Change

Dr. Santarvis Brown (Miami Lakes, FL) began his remarkable journey in education all the way back in 2002.

But, since then, he has continued to leave his mark and deliver positive change in the industry.

Dr. Santarvis’ impact within education has been clear to see – and he is vowing to continue doing all he can to help others.

He is a passionate, multifaceted executive leader with over 15 years of documented success in providing stellar organizational leadership, delivering innovative solutions, spearheading major institutional missions and initiatives, overseeing fiscal budgets, as well as training, developing, and managing personnel within the higher education sector. 

Clearly, there is no shortage of talent when it comes to Dr. Santarvis.

Leadership Lecturer

But despite his success to date, he refuses to sit back and let up in his efforts.

Instead, he wants to continue developing and leaving his mark within the industry.

He is currently a leadership lecturer at the University of Virginia, a fellow at the Governance Institute for School Accountability in Miami, Florida, and a leadership/law lecturer at Cornell University.

As part of his role at the University of Virginia, he researches and implements lecturing best practices in order to consistently promote student success and improve student outcomes.

He also prepares and presents lectures and online presentations in accordance with university policy and departmental goals and objectives, along with successfully navigating and demonstrating a mastery level of online learning management systems to ensure a sound technological experience is attained by all students.

Staying Motivated

Despite a huge amount of experience and talent, Dr. Santarvis continues to challenge himself as he sets his sights on reaching new goals.

In 10 years, he sees himself continuing to make a difference and leaving an impact.

And when it comes to what keeps him motivated each day, it is simple. It is the fact that he can transform someone’s life, therefore enhancing his own.

But, of course, there is also a wide range of lifestyle habits that have helped Dr. Santarvis get to where he is today following a remarkable journey.

But there are two key habits in particular that have been crucial – they are commitment and self-awareness.

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