Brandon Nguyen
Brandon Nguyen: The Road to Becoming a Multi-Millionaire

Brandon Nguyen: The Road to Becoming a Multi-Millionaire

The life of entrepreneur Brandon Nguyen has not always been filled with success. There have been many obstacles along the way which he has overcome to get to where he is. We hear all about his eventful journey so far.

Courage and Dedication

Brandon Nguyen, who is known as YENGUB, is armed with a range of impressive traits that have enabled him to succeed.

But it has not always been plain sailing for the 22-year-old. He started his entrepreneurship journey when he was 19 and, having sold over $15 million online in the past year across his e-commerce stores, he considers himself an entrepreneur, mentor and direct response marketer.

Not many people would be equipped with the resilience and determination to bounce back like Brandon, however, he knew what he was destined for and refused to give up until he reached his desired destination. He started eCommerce towards the start of 2019 but really did not see much success until near the end of that year.

But the determined individual did have a small success at the start of 2019, which gave him proof of concept that the business model worked. However, he had a massive gap of 7 to 9 months where he did not get any results but still worked 12 to 14 hours a day, studying and applying. 

This was very demanding on both his mental health and physical health. Nevertheless, he courageously managed to pull through and achieved what most people can only dream of.

Following his experiences and dedication, Brandon believes extreme focus and discipline is what it takes to get “rich quick” and even then it will still take you at least a year – although for most, it takes 3 to 4 years to even get off their feet because they have no focus and discipline and they are all over the place and give up at the first sign of pain.

Overcoming Adversity

Brandon has faced huge levels of adversity and setbacks. But it is these experiences which have helped to shape him into the person that he is today.

He thinks he is very focused compared to most in the industry which is why he has been able to massively succeed, while others that started at the same time as he did are still figuring it out.

But his remarkable growth and development has not come without a staggering number of sacrifices.

Brandon does not play video games, does not drink, does not smoke and does not spend much time indulging in things that do not contribute to success in business.

This focus allows him to be very creative and that is what makes him stand out from any ordinary “low-success” entrepreneurs and marketers who are just doing it for money.

Brandon is doing this to become great and make a real impact on people’s lives. There are people that are depending on him online and in real life. He enjoys this craft very much and it gives him a lot of fulfillment.

Laser-Like Focus

Furthermore, for Brandon there are little to no distractions and everyone around him knows this. 

He has the energy, focus, stamina and is fully dedicated to this life – he has been to 100 to 0 multiple times throughout this journey and he is unshakable.

There is a remarkable list of achievements attached to Brandon’s name in his career to date, which is only expected to continue growing in the coming years.

After dropping out of university with a 1.2 GPA and not knowing anything about business and marketing, he has shown incredible determination to become a leader in the e-commerce drop shipping community and one of the most reputable content creators in the e-commerce space online.

He has gone from $0 To $1,000,000 In one month with his own e-commerce store, made $2,000,000 in one month with his own e-commerce store and made $10,000,000 plus in one year with his own e-commerce stores.

He was also awarded by Zipify (Shopify’s top upsell app) multiple times for $1 million plus in upsells and was awarded by Clickfunnels 2-Comma-Award within two months.

Follow Brandon on Instagram @yengub or on YouTube.

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