STREETH’s powerful mission to help underprivileged communities

STREETH, an innovative tech company allowing art collectors to buy street art in the form of NFTs, is on a mission to help underprivileged communities.

Without a shadow of a doubt, the NFT market has well and truly exploded. An NFT stands for a non-fungible token, which means that it is unique and not interchangeable. It is effectively a unit of data stored on a digital ledger on the blockchain. As the rapid growth of the NFT market has shown, the possibilities for those involved are endless.

Crypto-art fans have been voraciously buying NFTs over the past few years, however, the market has sent shockwaves throughout the globe more recently. In January and February 2021 alone, there were $300 million in NFT sales. OpenSea, a leading NFT marketplace, had monthly sales of just $1.5 million in early 2020 – that figure jumped to $8 million in January 2021 and an astonishing $86.3 million in February 2021.

With so many possibilities out there, Streeth will be the company to help street art creators truly capitalize on the opportunity. As Streeth’s co-founders Marco Calamassi and Danilo De Rosa has confirmed to us, the company has firmly set its sights on opening strategic headquarters in key artistic hubs such as Miami, New York and Los Angeles. The innovative tech company allows art collectors to buy street art in the form of NFTs. Streeth in fact curates, mints and auctions the most acclaimed street artists’ masterpieces from across the globe and allows collectors to own, trade, store and enjoy them – all on the Ethereum blockchain.

Street art is the most popular and renowned niche within the global $80 billion art market and, yet, given its scale and public nature, is the only form of art that has never been monetized, traded, collected and privately enjoyed. However, Streeth’s mission goes much deeper than its rival companies.

Rather than merely focusing on profits, the team are determined to deliver a positive impact in communities, while providing crucial support to those in need of assistance. Streeth is vowing to ensure it plays a pivotal part in the development of communities and individuals in some of the most deprived areas. The company has set out plans to hire talent in the content creation, communication, art curation and administration fields – possibly amongst underprivileged individuals. It wants to help underprivileged communities through art-based academies that will help talents rise to the top.

Furthermore, a percentage of proceedings will go to local communities, social initiatives and art academies to provide crucial support. Most companies have a simple goal – make as much profit as possible. But Streeth is not most companies. It believes it has a social responsibility to help deliver change and it is focused on doing just that.

However, at the same time, it is vowing to ensure that it provides top services for collectors and creators when it comes to NFTs. Streeth allows you to visit the street art piece you own, pull out your phone, scan the Streeth QR code and be prompted to its street official listing page showing you are the legitimate owner.

Amid the euphoria surrounding the NFT market at the moment, there is understandably a level of apprehension amongst individuals. But Streeth is vowing to make the process as simple as possible.

Times truly are changing. Streeth brings the NFT technology to a new, real and tangible level of utility, as Forbes recently declared.

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