A Sneak Peek Into the Hottest New Beauty Destination: MagniSkin

“The plan is to be a rich wife not a rich man’s wife,” reads a quote on one of MagniSkin’s Instagram profiles.  It is a quote that speaks for itself when looking at MagniSkin from an external view.  MagniSkin is a skincare and beauty salon brand that is rising as one of the hottest destinations to get the ultimate beauty upgrade and embellish one’s natural beauty.  It was founded just a few short summers ago back in 2019 by sisters, Pinar and Songul.  They quite literally built it from the ground up and today enjoy the satisfaction of seeing it continually thrive while servicing an array of clientele.  To the sisterly duo, it is an ultimate dream come true.  

Upon booking an appointment, potential clients have a variety of beauty options to select from.  The menu of options has been carefully curated by the sisters for the purpose of empowering women and boosting their confidence in order to be the best versions of themselves as the sisters asserted themselves in an interview, “our main goal is to empower women and make them feel comfortable in their own skin.”  In combination with a bunch of options for beauty treatments, the sisters have also implemented the latest tech to ensure the best results and satisfaction for their clientele. 

Upon browsing on MagniSkin’s website, one beauty treatment that has gained a lot of popularity is the EmSculpt treatment.  Through the use of the most up to date technology, a device is used to simulate muscular contractions in order to give muscle tone that gives the impression of hours of dedication at the gym within as little as thirty minutes.  One session is literally equivalent to if one were to perform thousands of squats or abdominal crunches!  When asked what treatments the sisters would opt for if they were invited to the party of the year, the sisters themselves singled out EmSculpt as one of their go-to’s.  Considering the stats of such a procedure, it is no wonder!

Another popular procedure is the “Brazilian Booty Lift” which is essentially the non-surgical and non-invasive and less risky alternative to a surgical Brazilian Butt Lift.  The procedure aids in breaking down fat and cellulite and improves circulation thus leading to a perkier and more supple appearance.  Famous clients and television personas that were featured on television shows and series, Love Island, have favored this procedure.  The sisters, Pinar and Songul, performed this treatment on the likes of Arabella Chi, Ellie Jones, and many more.  

MagniSkin also features laser hair removal.  Using one of the most proficient laser treatments out on the market, the Candela Gentle Max Pro, clients are able to enjoy treatments that not only minimize unwanted hair growth but to also lighten skin spots and blemishes as well as supplementing the skin with a more tightened and rejuvenated appearance.  

Laser hair removal, the Brazilian Booty Lift, and the EmSculpt treatments are options available at MagniSkin that just scratch the surface when it comes to the whole variety of options available.  Other treatments include facials, stretch mark treatments, nonsurgical tummy tucks, and so much more.  Check out MagniSkin’s website and Instagram page to find out more and keep up to date for what’s to come!


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