How a Brand of Artesian Water Is Taking The Industry By Storm – BE WATER

Even in their short history as a bottled water company, Greene Concepts Inc (OTC: INKW) has sold out of their BE WATER on Amazon. After putting their product on the site in early February, they sold out in record time. While Greene Concepts is filling Amazon distribution centers with their product to send to future customers, they also have been active in the community. BE WATER was shipped down in two truckloads to Texas to help over seven million people struggling without clean water. Their recent success as a company is only a sign of the future they are likely to have and the high demands for BE WATER to satisfy in the coming months.

BE WATER, created by Greene Concepts, has already changed the water industry in its short history. Sourced in the Blue Ridge Mountain wells, the water is another artesian water brand but with a twist. Unlike other water brands, Greene Concepts has committed to avoiding chemical treatments for their BE WATER product. Instead, the water is natural, safely ionized, and alkaline, straight from the source.

The product launched just last year in 2020, yet they have already made a name for themselves. Greene Concepts has rapidly assisted in the growth of their product line, now having various health products to choose from. The goal of their BE WATER is to create subscription-based water for their customers. After successfully expanding their sales around the continental United States, they set their sights on Amazon, the largest e-commerce retailer in the country.

It was announced in January of 2021 that BE WATER would finally be available on Amazon for sale. Many customers were delighted, and Greene Concepts was thrilled to have the opportunity but never expected the result. Nearly instantaneously, BE WATER was sold out on Amazon. Due to the algorithm and standard for new sellers on their marketplace, Greene Concepts experienced a delay in restocking, yet they continued to support the growing customer demands.

On February 16th, it was announced that an additional 6,000 cases of BE WATER was already packaged and ready for pick-up to the Amazon distribution centers. Currently, their product is only available at the following distribution centers for shipment:

  • DuPont, WA
  • Charleston, TN
  • Cranberry, NJ
  • Petersburg, VA
  • Channahon, IL
  • Patterson, GA

In the future, Greene Concepts and BE WATER hope to expand this to all distribution centers in the continental United States for broader access of products for their customers. Their success on Amazon has been well earned, and it is expected that the product will continue to do well.

Greene Concepts is currently selling its product on Amazon in packs of 24. Their bottles are all BPA-free, and each bottle contains 16.9 ounces of prized artesian water.

Aside from their success on Amazon, Greene Concepts has engaged in community service, specifically in Texas after the historic winter storm. Greene Concepts has partnered with a trucking company to send two whole truckloads to the state to help some of the over seven million Texans living without access to water. Each truck will contain 1,540 cases for a combined amount of 73,920 bottles to one of Houston’s main centers. It is unclear whether they will send another shipment to Texas as the state continues to recover. Greene Concepts is authorized to help with natural disasters through FEMA, and this is likely one of the many instances they will assist the communities in need around the world.

To purchase any of their products and learn more about Greene Concepts, Feel free to follow them on Instagram or check out their website to hear more about BE WATER and Greene Concepts!

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