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Advice on Success from Fitness Professional Naor Yazdan

One of the most important things that people can get when they start their journey—whether fitness or professional—is a mentor to give them advice. Recently, Naor Yazdan gave some of his lessons and the advice that he has learned over the years that helped him to become successful as a fitness model. From reminders about timing to the level of commitment that people should strive for, here are some of the many lessons that Naor Yazdan wants to share with aspiring individuals who want to following a similar path to him.

Naor Yazdan has been in the fitness industry for more than a decade and he is made quite a name for himself over the years. Through his own struggles and his personal journey, he has learned a lot about what it takes to succeed. Now, he is sharing some of the many tips and pieces of advice that he thinks all young entrepreneurs or aspiring fitness students should know in order to achieve anything that they desire.

No matter the circumstances, everything takes time.

To start, Yazdan wants people to know that success does not happen overnight. For him, it took nearly a decade to arrive where he is today. The journey to success is not linear, but paved with lots of lessons and challenges. Yazdan hopes that all aspiring individuals realize that the more important lesson to learn is to let things happen as they should but to never give up while working towards those goals.

You have to put forth more effort than others to succeed.

This is part of why Yazdan has been able to achieve the recognition that he has earned in the fitness world. To him, it was about beating his own personal record, but also about competing against others. There will always be people that are better than you are, but Yazdan has always worked harder than everyone around him has. For anyone who wants to succeed or to earn their fitness goals, competing and winning against others around them is a sure way to make sure that you are on the right path.

Commit to your goals unconditionally or else you risk failing.

Yazdan’s path to success was not a half-hearted decision. Commitment has to be 100%; otherwise, people will see fewer results than they want to. Yazdan sought to do everything in his power in order to succeed, even when no one else was doing it. For people who stand out against the crowd, this is the norm. Yazdan urges people to step outside their comfort zones and commit unconditionally to their goals, and then wait as the results begin to show up in their lives.

Prove yourself wrong when you doubt your abilities.

Yazdan’s most intense challenge was recovering from major surgery, yet he knew that even with his doubts, he had to prove himself wrong. Doubting the success that you could have is natural, but it should not be the reason that you quit. Yazdan is a great example of proving himself wrong, even after he thought he would never return to the fitness world. Now, he is an icon for people and proof that anything is possible.

These are just some of the many lessons that Naor Yazdan shared from his own experiences that will help anyone looking to achieve their goals. Young entrepreneurs and aspiring fitness models would be wise to take notes—Yazdan is the real deal!

To follow him for more inspiration, he is active on Instagram and Facebook and regularly posts fitness, personal, and professional updates for all his fans around the world.  


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