Louis Albanese

Louis Albanese: How to Build a Seven-figure Store

In today’s fast paced and stressful world, people are facing pressures like never before. But Louis Albanese is on a mission to help people achieve freedom. Here we find out about what drives him to help others succeed.

Role model

Louis did not have to look far to find inspiration. It is his father who is his biggest role model – the man has showed him the courage and determination to overcome life’s obstacles. His father had a very hard upbringing but does not often talk about it, however, Louis’ mom and brothers have informed him about the tough times his dad endured. To this day, it still amazes Louis how his dad has accomplished so much to get to where he is now, while always taking care of his loved ones. And he hopes to follow in his dad’s footsteps and achieve his goals while supporting those around him. Of course, having a solid routine is one of the crucial components of success. It is something which Louis has worked on and has embedded into his life. Louis’ morning routine begins at around 5pm – he starts by getting his mind right, reading the news, looking at the market and the accounts of his company’s clients. By 7am, he goes on the peloton or makes his way to the gym for a quick workout to get his body right. After that, he returns to the office and is at the computer ready to take on the day. It is from there where he helps others across the world gain freedom and achieve the life of their dreams.

Gaining passive income

Launched in 2020, the goal of Amazon Freedom is to help others and create freedom. But this unique business is like no other, with its network unparalleled. It has created a community that was made for the stock market and e-commerce and transitioned into something much bigger. The company’s original idea created multiple other investment opportunities for everyone. It has members helping others purchase homes, cars, watches, services and more. It even had a few members who remarkably made enough money to pay for engagement rings – which was an amazing feeling for Louis. Amazon Freedom builds seamless seven-figure Amazon stores for each of its clients, while handling all of the day-to-day tedious work. The company truly understands time is one of the most valuable commodities, so with the firm’s help and expertise its clients are able to have steady passive income streams that are equivalent to an additional salary, if not more. Amazon Freedom is a sense of community and family where the team strives to help people gain knowledge, income and networking. Louis’ personal background started in pre-med because he wanted to help people but he knew he was always an entrepreneur at heart. Now he helps people financially, so they can enjoy the better things in life, and he has not looked back since.

Clear vision

Although he has remarkably turned 10,000 into more than one million, the inspirational figure’s biggest success is and always will be creating freedom for others. Seeing clients achieving their goals generates true satisfaction for Louis, with nothing able to compare with that feeling. As the business world changes, the company is clear in its vision. It wants to stay on the breaking edge of e-commerce and ahead of the curve in the market. It has a few more ventures set to be announced in the future but they will remain a secret until they are ready to launch. The company has top tier people working with the team, as well as a multi-million dollar algorithm, which is only offered to its clients. Crucially, these are unique and not like other generic tools people use online.

This is just one of the many unique and transformational components the company utilises to help its clients achieve success on their journey – and you could be next.

Follow Louis on Instagram @louiealbanese or visit his Facebook page at www.facebook.com/louie.albanese

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