Matteo Baldo

Matteo Baldo – The Italian Entrepreneur Making Moves in Monaco

Being in the right place at the right time is rarely a matter of luck, more often the result of an ability to see what moves on the horizon before others do. This is how we can summarize the story of Matteo Baldo, a young entrepreneur born and raised in Italy in a small town not far from Venice, who has lived in the Principality of Monaco for 15 years, where he works in the real estate business.

“I arrived with just 5 thousand euros in my pocket, but full of ideas to develop: fortunately, the context chosen was immediately favorable,” says the entrepreneur, who otherwise shows a certain reluctance to talk about himself. “I think it is more correct to tell what we do as a company, the investment opportunities that are also opening up for Italians”, underlines the founder and CEO of Baldo Acquisition.
Matteo Baldo, founder and CEO of Baldo Acquisition
Matteo Baldo, founder and CEO of Baldo Acquisition (Courtesy Baldo Acquisition)

The charge of energy is evident in his words, as is the tendency to speak out. “I chose this market because I was aware that it would attract large investments due to its geographical position in the heart of Europe, which is combined with the perceived safety and beauty of the landscapes”, stresses Baldo. So, after a few years in Italy at the age of 22, Baldo chose to take the plunge by deciding to create a company in the Principality active in the purchase of properties to be redeveloped, with the aim of then reselling them, thus generating a capital gain. A look at the Ismee report on the Munich market can give an idea of ​​the values ​​at stake. “Prices jumped an astonishing 18% on an annual basis last year, at a time when the rest of the world’s major residential hotspots are slowing or experiencing declines in value,” analysts write. “Munich’s global appeal has pushed the residential market to record levels. The city-state is a magnet for the world’s rich thanks to its strong economy, lifestyle, and world-class social and sporting events. The holders of high wealth choose this square to live, work or pursue their hobbies “. The Principality is home to 38,000 inhabitants, who occupy a smaller space than Central Park in New York. The residents come from 139 countries and one in three are among the millionaires. The main international access is constituted by the Nice Côte d’Azur airport, just 22 km from the beating heart of the country, Monte Carlo. Direct flights depart from this airport to 120 destinations. “Despite the rise in prices in recent years, the imbalance between supply and demand persists”, explains Ismee’s report, “and this creates a strong pressure on prices”.
Matteo Baldo, founder and CEO of Baldo Acquisition
Matteo Baldo, founder and CEO of Baldo Acquisition (Courtesy Baldo Acquisition)

During 2019, Baldo Acquisition invested over 15 million euros and currently owns a real estate portfolio that ranges from small apartments to sumptuous surfaces, intended for families, in some of the most sought-after areas in the Principality of Monaco and the French Riviera. “In the Principality, prices of around 25 thousand euros per square meter have gone from prices of around 25 thousand euros per square meter to the current 50 thousand euros as an average price in about ten years, with peaks of 100 thousand euros in the most exclusive buildings of the carré d’Or,” says the entrepreneur. Which emphasizes the corporate added value in being able to count on “a team of experts ranging from finance to redevelopment, to bespoke interior design, to the contribution of competent craftsmen and a meticulous selection of materials. All acquisitions “, he adds,” are characterized by an unparalleled combination of meticulousness in detail, innovative design, cutting-edge technology and exclusivity. The company’s investment strategy consists in acquiring properties with high potential in buildings of high standing.

Baldo Acquisition invests in all the districts of the Principality: from Fontvieille to Carré d’Or, from Larvotto to La Condamine and the entire Côte d’Azur. A few examples? The entrepreneur mentions two transactions in this regard. “A 170 square meter property located in Port Hercule that we bought in January 2018 for 3.9 million euros and resold three months later for 4.9 million”. Also considering the costs of the redevelopment, the operation generated a capital gain of 26%. “Foresight and resilience”, these are the leitmotifs of Matteo Baldo’s entrepreneurial life. “As soon as I arrived in Monaco, I realized the potential of the real estate market. Unlike finance, gold and oil, which in recent years have been subject to heavy fluctuations, have proved to be a safe and constantly growing investment “. So, to conclude, take a look at the upcoming challenges. “We have started working on the launch of a real estate investment fund that will have a capacity of 100 million euros ”, he explains. “An ambitious goal, which we are confident of achieving given the persistent interest in this market”. What are the investors’ targets? “We believe we can find interest from private individuals and institutional entities from all over Europe and Asia, given that the latter have always been very attracted to the Principality”.

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