53% of companies increased their online sales after lockdown: ASEM

Small businesses have not been exempt from the great challenge posed by the COVID-19 pandemic. According to INEGI, more than a million MSMEs closed in recent months; However, most of those that have survived have a common point: the use of technologies to strengthen or positively transform their business models.

According to data from the X-ray of Entrepreneurship in Mexico 2020, carried out by the Association of Entrepreneurs of Mexico (ASEM), 53% of companies increased their online sales based on confinement measures.

“Before, digitization was an option, but today it is an essential requirement for the survival and growth of companies. The pandemic has taught us the importance of technology and how companies with greater digitization have been the least affected by the crisis caused by the pandemic, “said Ulrick Noel, member of the Board of Directors of ASEM.

Among the digital tools that have been used by companies throughout the pandemic are ecommerce platforms, use of social networks as a customer service channel and as marketplace platforms for product sales, service channels such as WhatsApp Business , as well as the development of applications and sites focused on the customer experience.

In this sense, according to ASEM, 85% of entrepreneurs have a digital presence, but only 57% have online sales, which speaks of the importance of training entrepreneurs to boost their digital channels through simple, free and accessible tools.

According to the association, entrepreneurs face four challenges in terms of digital transformation:

Definition. Since there is not always clarity on the definition and scope of many general concepts.
Focus and decision. There is no clarity on how or when to undertake digital transformation.
Consultancy. Although in Mexico there are very efficient and professional digital transformation companies, there are also many others that profit from the lack of knowledge of entrepreneurs.
Time and availability. For many entrepreneurs planning a digital strategy can take a lot of time and effort, which means neglecting other areas of their business.

Faced with these challenges, ASEM conducts various workshops, conferences and free mentoring by highly experienced entrepreneurs and specialists in digital matters, with which entrepreneurs, of any size and business line, can access, learn about and determine what tools could be for them. useful in your business strategy, in order to grow your projects.

During 2020 alone, the association’s activities reached more than 50,000 entrepreneurs throughout the country.

“During 2021, ASEM will continue to make available to entrepreneurs in Mexico different courses, tools and the experience of its associates and allies in terms of technology, sales strategies, administration, among others, in order to promote the growth of their companies. . To do this, we will continue to make strategic alliances that allow us to continue working so that Mexico is the best country to undertake and do business ”, added Jorge Corral, executive director of ASEM.

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