Types of insurance will take off for SMEs this year in Mexico

2021 will continue to throw up obstacles for small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) as the world adjusts to the new normal caused by the COVID-19 pandemic.

According to the insurtech, this year will be the period in which new ways of working, doing business, and of course, protecting our companies will be finalized. For this reason, the company highlights the five types of insurance that SMEs must have to face the next 12 challenging months:

  1. Damage package

Unplanned damages damage the finances of companies, but there are various policies that can cover the different scenarios that SMEs can face, such as damage to infrastructure such as accidents related to fires or floods; losses due to stoppage (committed production per claim); civil liability (damage to third parties); breaking windows, mirrors or glass; and theft or vandalism in signs and luminous advertisements.

  1. Medical expenses

In 2021, major medical expenses insurance is a must for any company that is willing to do what is necessary to survive, because it is the ideal option to take care of what is most important for the business, its human capital and thus be ready to any emergency that could put your health at risk. Last year taught us priorities, so we really need to be ready for health emergencies.

  1. Cybersecurity

Technology has brought new threats, 70% of SMEs experience cyber attacks, because they tend to ignore information security alerts and cannot have the opportunity to recover from an attack. Having cybersecurity insurance is one of the trends in insurance at the moment.

  1. Travel insurance

Little by little we will be resuming activity, this is the case of travel, which will represent a greater risk for employees. This type of insurance is especially useful for international travel, as it includes cancellation protection, medical care, and specific coverage such as COVID-19 infections.

  1. Insurance for Non-Payment of Rent

For 2021 an increase in the Non-Payment of Rent policy is expected, whose businesses related to the rental of spaces, may be protected against late rents and unpaid monthly payments. In this way, companies do not stop their operation.

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