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The Power of Self-Reflection: Lessons from Tanner Chidester’s Transformative Coaching Experience

In the world of entrepreneurship, few names command as much respect as Tanner Chidester. Known for his meteoric rise in business, Tanner’s journey is not just about financial success but also about profound personal growth. In a recent episode of his Infinite Income Podcast, Tanner shared an intense and transformative experience that has significantly reshaped his approach to life and business. This article delves into the lessons Tanner learned from his sessions with renowned coach Steve Hardison and the power of self-reflection.

The Turning Point

Tanner Chidester’s story begins with an ambition many entrepreneurs share: the desire to be rich. Growing up with limited means, Tanner believed that wealth would bring him happiness and solve his problems. By the time he was generating over a million dollars a month with his business, he had achieved what many could only dream of. However, despite his financial success, Tanner found himself unfulfilled. The cars, clothes, and luxury lifestyle did not bring the happiness he expected.

In early 2023, during a six-month trip around the world, Tanner’s personal and professional life began to unravel. Relationships were strained, his business faced challenges, and he was grappling with a deep sense of dissatisfaction. Seeking help, Tanner turned to Steve Hardison, a coach with a remarkable track record of working with high-level individuals, including billionaires and top athletes.

The $10,000 Session

Tanner’s first session with Steve Hardison was a pivotal moment. Despite initial skepticism about Steve’s unconventional approach, Tanner decided to invest $10,000 for a two-hour session. During this session, Steve asked Tanner to write down everything he hated about various aspects of his life—his ex-girlfriend, family, friends, and business. At the end of the exercise, Steve revealed a powerful truth: those negative thoughts were a reflection of how Tanner viewed himself.

This revelation was a turning point. Tanner realized that his external dissatisfaction was rooted in his internal mindset. Intrigued and eager to transform, Tanner continued to work with Steve, diving deeper into self-reflection and understanding the impact of his thoughts on his reality.

Creating a New Reality

Steve Hardison introduced Tanner to the concept of a “state of being.” He explained that our thoughts create actions, which in turn produce outcomes. For instance, if Tanner believed he was too busy to reach out to a friend, he wouldn’t take action, leading the friend to think he was neglectful. This negative cycle reinforced Tanner’s belief, perpetuating a toxic loop.

To break this cycle, Tanner needed to change his thoughts and, consequently, his actions. Steve emphasized that these weren’t mere affirmations but deliberate statements of intent that Tanner needed to internalize. By consistently speaking the things he wanted to happen, Tanner could reshape his subconscious reactions, especially in challenging situations.

The Document of Transformation

One of the practical steps Tanner took was creating a document where he wrote down the positive outcomes he desired. This included personal affirmations like “I will become a billionaire” and “My parents treasure me and understand me.” Each morning and night, Tanner would read and listen to these statements, embedding them into his subconscious.

Over time, Tanner noticed a significant shift. In difficult situations, he began to react differently. Instead of lashing out, he thought about the person he wanted to be and responded accordingly. This conscious effort to align his actions with his desired state of being led to improved relationships and a more positive outlook on life and business.

Lessons Learned

Tanner’s experience with Steve Hardison taught him several invaluable lessons:

  1. Self-Reflection is Key: Understanding how your thoughts shape your reality is the first step toward meaningful change. By identifying negative thoughts and replacing them with positive intentions, you can transform your life.
  2. Proactive Decision-Making: Decide who you want to be before you’re in challenging situations. This proactive approach helps you react better under pressure, aligning your actions with your goals.
  3. Consistency Matters: Regularly reinforcing positive thoughts through daily routines can gradually reprogram your subconscious mind, leading to lasting change.
  4. Invest in Yourself: Sometimes, significant personal growth requires external help. Investing in a coach or mentor can provide the guidance and perspective needed to overcome personal and professional hurdles.
  5. Create Your Reality: By consciously choosing your thoughts and actions, you can create the reality you desire. This isn’t about wishful thinking but about setting clear intentions and following through with consistent effort.


Tanner Chidester’s transformative coaching experience with Steve Hardison underscores the power of self-reflection and the impact of mindset on success. By changing his thoughts, Tanner was able to alter his reality, leading to greater fulfillment and improved relationships. His journey serves as a powerful reminder that true success involves not just financial achievements but also personal growth and self-awareness.

For entrepreneurs and individuals seeking to enhance their lives, Tanner’s story offers valuable insights into the importance of self-reflection and the transformative power of a positive mindset. As Tanner continues to share his experiences and lessons through his podcast and other platforms, his journey of personal and professional growth remains an inspiring testament to the power of intentional living.


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