Brian Choi: Revolutionizing Sales with Unconventional Strategies

Seoul, South Korea – Born and raised in South Korea (yes, South, not North), Brian Choi is redefining success in the sales industry. With a bold decision to drop out of college after three semesters, inspired by Gary Vaynerchuk’s mantra of “f*** college,” Brian embarked on a sales journey that has seen meteoric success and industry disruption.

The Sales Prodigy

Brian entered the sales arena in March 2022 and quickly made a name for himself. By June 2022, he was recruited to Sales Sniper, the most reputable sales agency in the high ticket coaching space, and it didn’t take long for him to dominate the field. On one of the accounts, Brian became the #1 rep, outselling the other three reps combined by himself. His talent and drive then caught the attention of 7th Level, a fast-growing sales training company founded by Jeremy Miner.

At 7th Level, Brian continued to excel, becoming the #2 rep out of 15-20 all-star closers. In his first full year in sales, he made $228k USD in commissions. Notably, he was the #2 highest producing closer at 7th Level in 2023, generating $2.3 million/year in revenue. Brian also had the highest show-up rate on the team and led in upsells and back-end revenue.

A Strategy That Defies Convention

Brian’s success isn’t attributed to being a natural-born sales genius; he openly admits he “cheated the system.” Most sales gurus emphasize skill set—asking better questions, improving tonality, handling objections—as the key to success. While skill set is crucial, it takes time to develop. Contrary to popular belief, it takes most people years to become proficient in sales. So, what does one do in the meantime? Brian’s answer: focus on activity and process.

Activity Over Idle Time

Many high-ticket closers waste time when faced with no-shows, watching YouTube videos or idly waiting for the next call. Brian advocates for revenue-generating activities during these downtimes. Following up with leads that didn’t buy, upselling or renewing clients, generating referrals, rebooking no-shows, and outbound calling are all activities that make money. Upselling and re-selling to existing clients is often easier and more profitable than selling to new leads.

A Process-Driven Approach

Having an effective process and strategy for follow-ups, upsells, and other revenue-generating activities is another cornerstone of Brian’s success. His process-driven approach ensures that no opportunity is wasted, and every lead is nurtured to its fullest potential. This strategy is how he rose to become the #2 closer on a team of top-tier sales professionals at 7th Level.

Join the Revolution

Brian Choi’s journey is a testament to the power of unconventional thinking and relentless activity. In a world where most salespeople rely solely on inbound calls and traditional techniques, Brian’s method stands out as a beacon of innovation and effectiveness. He now shares his strategies with others, helping them achieve the same levels of success.

For more insights and to follow Brian’s journey, check out his social media platforms:

Brian Choi is not just a sales professional; he’s a trailblazer challenging the norms and setting new standards in the industry. Follow his story and learn from his revolutionary approach to sales.

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