ISW Holding’s is Going GREEN!

ISW Holding, the multimillion portfolio company providing better goods and services has decided its contribution to keeping the environment clean and safe. ISW Holding is a brand management company uplifting digital businesses in telehealth, personal care, cryptocurrency, and technology sectors. The company has been providing solutions to entrepreneurs and startups to take their businesses to the international level. This Nevada-based holding company believes in a disruptive business model and takes every step to provide quality goods and services. Not only through its subsidiaries, but ISW is also directly providing people quality products. To her credit VOLUM platform is one the success stories which provided a flexible and robust virtual environment for business to grow equipped with blockchain technology. It has all the necessary tools to make online vendor ship accurate and hassle-free. With a history of transformation and an eye on the future, ISW Holding has taken a bold move and pledged to transition to renewable energy resources to run all operations at Pod5five. With the power requirement of 100MW and 14,000 ACIS miners, this facility is on its way to net-zero carbon emission. 

Why renewable energy resources?

Global climate change is affecting wind patterns, raining seasons, and melting polar ice all over the globe, and no country is an exception to it. Renewable energy is becoming the most potent option to fighting global climate change. Power generation through wind turbines and solar cells is the future that will eventually replace conventionally run-on fossil fuel power plants. It has been proven the low impact on the environment and zero carbon emission of renewable energy resources have a significant positive effect on the environment.

Why is ISWH using renewable energy?

The change to renewable energy comes with a high initial cost, but ISWH has continuously invested for a better future. The research and advancement have reduced the cost of renewable energy infrastructure, but still, it is expensive than conventional fossil fuel-based power generation systems. In a recent podcast, the company announced its decision to going green shortly. The decision of ISWH to use clean energy will protect the environment for future generations is laudable.  

What are the plans of ISWH with renewable energy? 

Formerly known as International Spirits and Beverage Group, LLC. (ISBG), ISWH has diversified its portfolio by adopting a holding company structure. Its operations are based upon information technology in the blockchain ecosystem, requiring a lot of electric power with expansion. Recently ISWH has joined hands with bit5ive, the leading company in the crypto business. Bit5ive has already partnered with Bitmain is selling hardware to Latin America, the Caribbean, and South America. Plans are generating own ACIS machines that will produce hardware. 

The plans include generating its own ACIS machines that will produce hardware. With the partnership of Bit5ive, its research and development will work on an immersion-based cooling system to improve its design and commercially feasible. This technology harbors the promise of reducing energy requirements for the cooling system, resultantly reducing business costs. The emerging icon of the crypto industry is planning to produce its hardware and computing power. In the long term, ISWH is focused on covering all aspects of blockchain market sectors. 

Is the renewable energy-run business sustainable and profitable?

Currently, cryptocurrency mining methods are exhaustive and consume a considerable amount of power. With the expansion of volume, this energy requirement will be a challenging task for this industry. But most crypto mining companies are ignoring this fact. Moreover, government regulations and international agreements are pressing industries to reduce their carbon footprints. Eventually, businesses with low carbon emissions will survive and thrive.  

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