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Decentralized Crowd-Investing on the Blockchain – GALACTIC

Blockchain technology has completely disrupted businesses and even entire sectors across society. But now it is set to revolutionize the venture capital world, as the first crowd-investing fund on the blockchain has arrived.

Galactic is a decentralized, permissionless and community governed crowd-investing ecosystem led by a team of digital entrepreneurs, internet personalities, seasoned investors and growth marketers. The project’s smart contract has been built and deployed on the Binance Smart Chain and each Galactic transaction has a 2% burning penalty that locks liquidity, a 2% yield that is redistributed to holders and a 2% disbursement to the fund, which is used to acquire undervalued and distressed digital assets or launch new online businesses.

Too many people have been locked out of the venture capital world for far too long. But now, through Galactic, people across the world will be able to gain access and get involved. The Galactic team is comprised of seasoned investors, marketers and businessmen. In the world of crypto assets, there are many unknowns – so having a team in place with a vast amount of experience is crucial.

That is exactly what people who get Galactic token holders will get. With people with experience and talent on board, the correct decisions will be made to ensure the project continues progressing to new heights in the future. We have all seen the remarkable heights that Bitcoin has progressed to over recent years, as well as Ethereum. There is an abundance of opportunity and growth in the crypto market. Every investor’s dream is to get involved in a project early on – and this is your chance to do just that.

Galactic token holders become stakeholders into those acquired/incubated businesses and receive quarterly net proceedings directly into their wallets. The five founders, along with the five top holding wallets’ owners, sit on the executive board and scout the market for investment opportunities. From there, every single decision is made by vote majority among all token holders. Founders have a cumulative 60 years of experience in business development, investments, real estate, finance, ecommerce and social media.

They are verified on socials, cumulatively amass a five million plus following and they are renowned as experts in their field. Crucially, every decision in regards to the fund operations – including due diligence, acquisitions, management, marketing and incubations – will be decided by vote majority through polls held on a private Telegram group. Only verified token holders will be able to access the private group and participate to the polls – to prove ownership a simple one Galactic transaction will need to be sent to the fund wallet, an approximate cost of just $0.01.

It was just a matter of time before the blockchain revolutionized the venture capital industry. Of course, venture capitalists provide significant amounts of funding for companies they believe will have high growth – in return for an equity stake. If the business succeeds, those who have invested receive significant returns. Of course, there is a risk involved in those seeking to invest, which must always be taken into account. However, the returns could be huge and potentially life-changing.

Usually, decisions over venture capital can take a lot of time, while finding opportunities or getting access to business can be tedious. But that has all changed thanks to the blockchain – and you can be a part of the revolution with Galactic.

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