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How Christopher Chong’s GitiOnline Uses Social Media Marketing

Christopher Chong started Giti Online in a retail storefront, but they have been massively successful due to the increased activity on their social media platforms. Had it not been for their Instagram and Facebook profiles, they would not have the customer base they do today. In an interview, Christopher Chong shared how he could take Giti Online from one store to a comprehensive platform that ships all around the country. With these tips, businesses will be able to scale their success online.

Giti Online began in 2003 to offer young women more options within their budget for their clothes, but it grew to something much more. The store became the current sense of fashion in Gainesville, and word spread. Eventually, it would explode on social media, and people would begin to order more and more from their online platforms. Christopher Chong says that social media has been one reason they have been able to achieve their success in recent years. In the modern age, social media is the key to success for many stores, as it is one of the best and cheapest ways to expand your business.

The goal of expanding the customer base has always been about taking advantage of social media, much like Christopher Chong did early on. Now, social media is one of the essential tools for businesses of all kinds. With so many people using their smartphones and engaging on these platforms, it is almost free advertisement. Chong shared some of the reasons he believes Giti Online has successfully appealed to their customers in social media marketing.

Creating new content is one of the best ways to reach new customers. For Giti Online, new clothes and outfits are always featured on their Instagram and their Facebook. With close to two hundred thousand on their Instagram, Giti Online can reach a plethora of customers. Their Facebook platform has a comparable amount of followers. Choosing great photos for their content is part of the key to maintaining attention and getting more customers to flock to their website. It communicates Giti Online’s brand and who they are, which connects with customers more efficiently than by other means.

Chong also believes that being consistent on social media is part of how social media marketing can be essential and influential. Posting once in a while helps, but it doesn’t help with growing your business. Putting consistent content, both in frequency and theme, helps customers see what your brand is about. For Giti Online, it is about showing off their unique products and their options for their customers. It is part of why Chong believes that they have been able to retain such loyal customers over the years and continue to find new customers all over the country.

One of the most critical ways Christopher Chong feels businesses can capitalize on social media marketing is by creating content. Chong has often seen companies use stock photos rather than using their pictures or content to advertise. Chong feels that Giti Online’s dedication to creating and producing its content has attracted more customers throughout its history. Because of their commitment to making their content and investing the time, Giti Online has grown from a small storefront to a potentially international plus size boutique.

To check out more news about their sales and promotions, feel free to follow, like, message, and subscribe to Chong’s brand. Currently, Giti Online has an Instagram account, Facebook page, and YouTube channel. Chong ensures that there is regular content nearly daily on most of their platforms. For those interested in plus size clothing, be sure to check out their website at all for a vast selection of items!

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