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From dreams to reality: Liam Dineen’s journey to success

While being a man of many talents, it is Liam Dineen’s unique traits that have enabled him to thrive in both the music industry and the online world. We hear from him to find out just what it takes to achieve success.

Providing for family

The happiest day of Liam Dineen’s life was when his kids were born. It is a day that he will never forget.

Family means everything to him, but another crucial component of the 33-year-old’s life is his work.

And thanks to his commitment and dedication, Liam has achieved huge levels of success to enable him to provide for his loved ones.

The turning point of his life was when he was able to quit his ‘9 to 5’ and support his family from an online business.

Find your passion

Liam is a music producer and social media kingpin from Birmingham in the UK. He is mostly known for his mellow approach to music, as well as his meme style content online.

His first taste of music was at the age of just six when he started playing the piano. This is where his love for playing, listening and making music started.

Liam has used his online platform to promote his music. He started in the music business around 2004.

He played the drums in a backing band for two rap groups in Birmingham. They went onto record a few singles and appeared in a few local TV broadcasts.

His work online started around 2013, when he started a self-titled Facebook page posting memes and anything relatable to the times, which took off and now sits at around 8.5 million followers. Here you can find viral videos, trending content and the latest news.

Road to success

But his success did not come easy – a range of unique characteristics have got him to where he is today.

Liam is very creative and driven, whether it be musically or idea wise for a project.

But he is also a ‘realist’ so sometimes he says things that people don’t particularly want to hear, but need to hear.

That is an extremely valuable characteristic and one that is becoming harder to find in today’s world.

Crucial advice

But while he has achieved significant levels of success, he also hopes to inspire others.

And he has crucial advice for young entrepreneurs or anybody who wants to emerge in his industry.

He urges them to be humble and be willing to learn. Liam believes, with anything, it’s fast changing so you have to keep up with the times so the best thing you can do is listen, ask for help when needed and take people’s advice.

A failure to do this will without a doubt prove costly and be detrimental in your efforts to progress and achieve your goals.

Stay consistent

There are a number of key factors that have led Liam to where he is right now. Two keys factors are taking a risk and not caring what people thought about him.

Although his Facebook page is a self-titled page, Liam came to the realisation very quickly that people were not there because of him and that they were there because of the content that he posted.

He has stayed consistent with his content and continues to serve his millions of followers.

But away from work he always finds time for his passions in his free time.

His passions include spending time with his children, listening to a lot of music, going to concerts when it was allowed and running daily.

In today’s fast paced world, it is crucial to set aside time for your passions. By doing this you will truly be able to recharge your batteries and go all in when the time for work returns.

Follow Liam on Instagram @LiamDineen, on Facebook at or on YouTube at

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