Adi Alfa
Adi Alfa

British Actress Adi Alfa Sets Her Sights On Film Projects

While she has already achieved a huge amount of success in her career to date, Adi Alfa continues to challenge herself as she vows to reach her new goals. Here we find out about her career and goals.

Ambitious Vision 

An award-winning British actress with a naturalistic approach has set her sights on major film projects in the next 12 months.

Adi Alfa – who is also a producer, writer and multi-hyphenate creative – is targeting a number of ambitious goals as she continues her journey.

Bringing her unique traits to the media industry, Adi’s approach to acting is versatile, naturalistic and relatable. 

Her authentic, down-to-earth style is what helped her nail her first ever audition for a Marks & Spencer’s commercial.

And following success in her early days, she has never looked back as she seized on the opportunity ahead of her.

From that debut role, Adi went on to scoop the NAFCA Best Actress Award for her dramatic turn in the Nollywood feature film, ’Ortega and His Enemies’, and co-found her production company, Media Worx 365.

In the next 12 months, she sees herself working on big film projects as well as creating some of her own projects with her production company.

Find Your Passion

While many people in society fail to realise their dreams and find their true passion, that is certainly not the case for Adi.

The talented individual’s biggest accomplishment is being able to do what she loves every single day as a creative human.

But more than that, it is bringing up the best human she has ever met – her daughter – to be the most gorgeous, caring, sweet and funny girl!

As a firm believer in persistence, self-empowerment and doing what you love, Adi’s dedication and tenacity is something that extends beyond her media career to motherhood.

The actress/producer says raising a gorgeous, caring, funny daughter has been one of her biggest life accomplishments.

Impressive Work Ethic

Meanwhile, grounded with an unflinching work ethic, Adi’s commitment to her creative career is truly inspirational. 

And for those looking to see her talents on the screen, she has urged them to keep an eye out for her upcoming film, ‘Finding Forever’, and TV series ‘Darlings of Sin’, which are currently in production.

Adi’s relatability and open-mindedness as a producer is highly regarded in the media industry – something that stems from her own multicultural, mixed ethnicity background. 

Originally born in London, Adi was raised in Liverpool by her Nigerian father and her Jamaican-Chinese-English mother, before later entering the foster system.

Adi credits her valuable life and travel experiences for giving her the confidence to properly pursue her professional acting dreams.

While Adi has enjoyed major success in her career to date, her rise in the media industry has been a steady climb. And that has all been made possible as a result of each of her experiences during her life.

But although she has much to celebrate already, it is clear that much more success is going to be on the way in the future for the talented individual.

Audiences, keep your eyes peeled for her upcoming projects, and be sure to follow her on social media:





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