Atlanta’s TRMNDS brings an eclectic energy to the speakers every time one presses play.

Atlanta’s TRMNDS brings an eclectic energy to the speakers every time one presses play. The Georgia standout has
done his homework studying the various genres across time allowing him to swerve in and out of lanes as he
pleases. TRMNDS is able to bar up and flex his lyrical muscles on one track and then immediately belt out an anthem
with his jaw-dropping vocal range the next. With a number of freestyles, live shows and an extensive discography
under his belt TRMNDS is looking to take his craft to the next level. Now about seven months after his last project ‘A
Much Colder Place Part 2: Winter’s Peak’, TRMNDS returns with ‘At Summer’s End’ a creatively themed EP meant to
take us into Autumn and the end of 2022.
‘At Summer’s End’ is a six track project where TRMNDS versatility as a vocalist is showcased. The album teeters on
the edge of Summer as we’re getting set to fall right into Autumn. Tracks like “Take A Hint” sees TRMNDS presenting
the genre-bending talent he has showing his chops as an R&B artist and vocalist. These tracks are then followed up
with the emcee side of the Atlanta artist like “Show Out” where he’s using a number of cadences and flows to get his
point across. “‘It’s a clever way to announce fall as not only the season but also the end of an era of relationships and
self awakening,” TRMNDS explains. ‘At Summer’s End’ is an adventure through a number of emotions and sets the
table perfectly for the last three months of the year.

YourownMusic CEO Jake Shaw Predicts Huge things from this artist.

Peace Signs
Take A Hint
Show Out
The Run Down

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