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Andrey Germash
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A guiding star to Andrey Germash’s Success

The modern world chooses a healthy lifestyle. It is fashionable, popular, and relevant. People increasingly pay attention to what they eat and choose environmentally friendly, healthy, and tasty products. There was even a particular term – superfood. It includes red caviar and salmon. Therefore, it is no coincidence that these products are in the spotlight today. Today’s main fishery of natural salmon and red granular caviar is concentrated in Kamchatka. About 1.5 million tons of fish can be caught here annually without harming the environment. The leader of the region’s fishing and fish processing industry is the “Vostochny Bereg” company. The founder and permanent head of the enterprise are businessman Andrey Germash – an entrepreneur of a new formation, a strong-willed, educated person for whom work in this area is not accidental.

Andrey grew up in Kamchatka; from childhood, he absorbed the salty sea air when, together with his grandfather, he mastered fishing and cutting the catch. He went from a minder of a fishing vessel at the Petropavlovsk Ocean base to the owner of the largest fishing and fish processing plant. Today, the products of the “Vostochny Bereg” brand he created are known worldwide. Experts in Europe and Asia recognize the quality, taste, and benefits of red caviar and wild Pacific salmon supplied by Andrey Germash. The businessman considers that one of his main tasks is to preserve the status of an environmentally friendly product in the finished product. The high quality of “Vostochny Bereg” products is guaranteed by nature itself: fish is caught on the East coast of the Kamchatka Territory, in the clear waters of the Bering Sea. And unique production technologies, qualified personnel, and high-tech equipment help preserve natural resources without dyes and preservatives.

The professional community highly appreciates the entrepreneurial achievements of Andrey Germash. By decision of the Council of the Fishing Industry, the businessman was awarded the title of “Best Manager.” He repeatedly received awards that speak of his high professionalism: “The best contribution to the fishing industry,” “The most innovative approach to entrepreneurial activity,” “Exporter of the year in the field of agro-industrial complex,” “Best business results in the fishing industry.”

The dream of Andrey Germash was the desire to bring his native land to the leaders of the world’s fish production. So that residents of various continents learn about the unique salmon from the Bering Sea. The businessman achieved his goal: products under the brand name “Vostochny Bereg” are widely known and in demand in the Far East and far beyond its borders. Red granular caviar “Vostochny Bereg” has repeatedly received various prizes and awards for its high quality. Today, at the initiative of the businessman, a set of measures is being taken at the plant to ensure that the products of the “Vostochny Bereg” comply with all the signs of kosher. So that the religious community of Jews who adhere to the rules of kashrut and live in different countries can appreciate the delicious and healthy sea delicacies from Kamchatka.

Andrey Germash’s new goal is to gain business experience in America. Here he oversees “Bering Seafood,” a start-up to produce seafood delicacies, which will introduce the American market to Kamchatka red caviar and wild salmon. In addition to the supply of seafood for the production of delicacies, Andrey Germash advises employees of an American company on establishing business processes. The global approach to creating an economic strategy and the tremendous experience of Andrey Germash will be indispensable for the implementation of these global plans.

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