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Why is It Better to Hire an SEO Consultant Than to do an SEO Audit?

According to a recent Forbes story, approximately 71% of all businesses have websites. Regardless of your industry, it’s clear you need a web presence to remain competitive as a business owner in the digital era.

That’s not to say the mere act of creating a website will help your business grow. Your site can only deliver value if it attracts potential customers.

Through search engine optimization (SEO), you can help your site get more clicks by boosting the chances of its content appearing in Google search results pages. If your site isn’t getting the clicks it should, you may consider performing an SEO audit.

Or, you might instead hire an SEO audit consultant. Doing so may be smarter than merely auditing your SEO without a plan.

What is an SEO Audit?

Many factors contribute to a site’s SEO. Examples include (but aren’t necessarily limited to):

  • Speed
  • Formatting/organization of pages
  • The value a site’s content offers users
  • How a site performs on mobile devices
  • The degree to which a site contains images, video, etc.

That’s by no means an exhaustive list. An SEO audit involves reviewing all the elements of a site’s SEO and determining where weaknesses are. Doing so is key to making necessary improvements.

However, hiring an SEO consultant may nevertheless yield greater long-term benefits for your web presence and business. Keep reading to learn why.

SEO Consultants: What They Are and Why They’re Superior to SEO Audits

An SEO consultant is a professional who specializes in helping business owners and other such clients improve their web presences. Be aware, an SEO audit is a service an SEO consultant will frequently offer.

You’re not necessarily skipping the SEO audit by hiring an SEO consultant. Rather, you’re giving yourself the chance to take advantage of such additional benefits as:

Auditing Other Aspects of Your Web Presence

SEO audits for your website may not be the only types of audits that an SEO consultant offers. They might also perform audits for your Google Ads campaigns, Facebook Ads campaigns, and more. Auditing these elements of your web presence along with your website can help you ensure you’re spending every dollar of your digital marketing budget effectively.

Offering a Roadmap

Hiring a professional to perform an SEO audit of your site is wise for several reasons. First, you may not know how to perform an SEO audit. You’re more likely to generate useful insights if a specialist audits your site on your behalf.

Even if you do know how to check your website’s SEO for weaknesses, you may not know how to correct those weaknesses. An SEO consultant can help by developing a plan for improving your SEO strategy after they complete their audit.

Saving Time and Money

Remember, none of this is meant to suggest that performing an SEO audit is a waste of time. On the contrary, regularly checking your site for SEO weaknesses is vital to ensuring it continues to deliver value.

That said, there may be instances when you need SEO guidance or services without having to devote time and money to a full audit. When this is the case, you could benefit from speaking with an SEO consultant offering their services by the hour. Hourly SEO consulting services may help you address issues that don’t require a full audit to address.

Or, you may have the option of emailing or chatting with your SEO consultant. The main point to understand is that by hiring an SEO consultant, you’ll have access to someone who can answer your SEO questions when they arise.

An SEO Consultant Can Help You Grow Your Business

It’s unlikely you have much free bandwidth to spare if you’re a business owner. Conducting an SEO audit and attempting to improve your site alone may not be feasible if you’re already quite busy.

You don’t have to. Strongly consider working with an SEO consultant instead. Along with performing an audit for you, they can offer their expertise to transform your web presence. The potential result? Significant growth for your business.

Main Street ROI offers SEO consulting services to businesses across a range of industries.


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