Say what’s on your mind. Manaf Koudamni releases his new single “Say it”

Manaf Koudmani has surprised his fans with his new song “Say it”. As of last month, this song is trending all over the internet as listeners are continuously streaming the song on all platforms. People are slowly starting to take notice of Manaf and his amazing musical talent.

Despite being a newcomer Manaf can capture the sound of dance and emotions via his songs. Though music began as a passion for Manaf, he has gradually transformed it into a potential career due to his charisma and talent.

“Say it” incorporates various techniques of music production that allow the listener to delve into the music and let them be absorbed in it. No matter the place, no matter the occasion, “Say it” can uplift the mood whenever it’s played. Rumor Records have done a great job in mastering and producing the track.

If you’re looking for a fresh breath of air in house music look no further. Manaf’s upbeat music will satiate your need for music. His EP contains three songs:” Down”, “Say It” and “Mind Reader”. With over 12,000 total streams, the songs are slowly gaining popularity.

Listen to “Say It” on Spotify

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