Rafael Piquete Is a DJ Producer or Serial Scammer?

There is another pandemic infecting investors, that is deadlier than Covid-19. “Scammer” isn’t a word that has any positive connotations attached to it. The collateral damage of losing a lot of money on useless services and total economic despair will be felt by many. A scam is when someone offers a service or product and then makes off with your money without providing the service.

Does this sound a little bit like fraud? If you are nodding your head in agreement, I believe that is the textbook definition.

Scams in recent years have served as evergreen reminders of the risks associated with online services. We’ve compiled a short list of some of the most memorable (and costly) events in the history of Rafael Piquete. The bright side of these events is that they have helped educate people about identifying and avoiding online scams.

Rafael Piquette Scams Kevu Music

Rafael began his career of scamming by scamming for Instagram verification in which he scammed a number of members for thousands of dollars including “Kevu Music” who he promised to verify an account and then promptly refused to refund him when the verification did not happen. A former person in his group named Paty Scaringella was quoted saying “I don’t like him and he deceives everyone.”

Rafael, Fake DJ

Rafael has recently tried to build up his engagement on his platform to fool brands into paying for his services. He is portraying the appearance of a DJ, despite not knowing anything about music. The reason for this is he hopes to get verified as a musician on Instagram as Instagram has been known to verify musicians. All of his posts about music are recent and he is not a musician. If he is verified, that will give more “credibility” for him to scam companies into handing him crypto and then running off with the money.

Rafael Piquette Scams Aidan Sowa

Rafael Piquette began his scamming by convincing people to join his Instagram engagement pods which have verified users. Once he has gained their trust, he proceeds to try to sell them fake services such as Instagram bans, Instagram Verification etc and asks to be paid only in crypto. When asked how he can be trusted, he simply says “I am the head of a group of hundreds of people, of course I can be trusted.”

Aidan Sowa, someone who was scammed by Rafael had offered an exchange of services with Rafael Piquette in which he helped Rafael gain followers in exchange for banning a known crypto scammer. Rafael received his followers and pretends to ban the account. However, soon he claims he needs an additional $1000 as soon as he gains his followers as he claims that it destroys his engagement and that it is bad for brands. In the end, Rafael claims “it is not my problem” and proceeds to block Aidan.

Rafael is now planning on continuing to scam. Buyers beware!


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