Mattenga’s Pizzeria Donates Over 100 Pizzas to Local San Antonio Schools and Police Stations

Miami, Florida(Hexa PR Wire–March 2, 2023)–Mattenga’s Pizzeria, a San Antonio-based establishment, has made substantial donations of pizza to local educational institutions and police departments. This initiative, led by owners Matthew and Hengam Stanfield, is a symbol of appreciation for the dedication of educators and law enforcement personnel in the community.

Supporting the Community through Food

Tagged as “Pepperoni and Praise”, this philanthropic act reflects Mattenga’s efforts to give back to the local community, using food as an expression of gratitude and positivity.

Green Valley Elementary
Green Valley Elementary

Recipient Schools and Events

Thus far, Mattenga’s has donated pizzas to a number of San Antonio schools including Rose Garden Elementary, Martha Mead Elementary, First Baptist Academy NB, Bob Lewis Elementary, Vale MS, Martin Elementary, Raba Elementary, BCFS, Adam Hills Elementary, Barbara C. Jordan Intermediate School, and Green Valley Elementary.

Frequently, the pizzeria supports school events attended by teachers, parents, and students by supplying pizza. For instance, it sponsored 10 events at Bob Lewis Elementary, providing an average of 20 boxes of pizza for activities such as Spirit Night, Trunk or Treat, Teacher Lunches, Career Day, PTA meetings, and Paxton Day/Kinder Promotion.

Schertz Police Department
Schertz Police Department

Honoring Law Enforcement

In addition to their contributions to local schools, Mattenga’s staff has also made donations to police stations to acknowledge their dedication to maintaining safety in the community. Recipients include NPW Central Substation, NPW East Substation, New Braunfels Police Department, and Schertz Police Department.

Owners on their Gesture of Appreciation

Matthew and Hengam Stanfield, the owners of Mattenga’s, view these gestures as a means of expressing gratitude for the community’s support of their business. Hengam stated, “We want to foster a collaborative spirit through our pizza.” Matthew echoed this sentiment, adding, “Everybody gets to have their own share of happiness with each box and slice of pizza.”

New Braunfels Police Department
New Braunfels Police Department

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