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Net Kohen’s Networking app LinkMe brings an Upgrade With Its Innovative Shout Feed Algorithm

To survive in today’s heavily digitized world, networking is a skill everyone needs to master. One must be accessible and visible across various digital platforms, giving everyone the opportunity to connect. But having accounts across social media sites and sharing their individual links could be such a hassle in networking. Seeing the gap, LinkMe developed an easy solution. It gives networking an upgrade by allowing users to network with people around the world on one platform.

LinkMe is an all-in-one platform where users can “Shout” messages, images, and videos to people worldwide, instantly amplifying their business or personal brand through its unique Shout feed algorithm. Shouting is LinkMe’s unique term and means of spreading awareness of one’s brand in the digital space, opening up a new era for digital networking. “LinkMe creators are growing incredibly fast by taking advantage of our Shout feed algorithm,” said LinkMe co-founder and CEO Netanel Kohen. 

Kohen has been in the tech industry for as long as he can remember. He began making apps for people during his high school years with his previous company NXTGEN. Born in Israel, the 22-year-old entrepreneur and tech expert is currently based in Miami. He teamed up with Val Share, a business management specialist, and Dre Medici, a branding and growth expert, to develop LinkMe.

The platform gives users the freedom to customize their feeds by adding as many social media links as they like, giving their audience a glimpse of their digital presence all at once. Users can also add a short bio about themselves and photos to showcase their personality or brand. The customizable LinkMe profile provides users with many options to curate their online presence on one platform and create a central avenue for their followers. Furthermore, users can also start conversations directly on the app. 

In addition, LinkMe has developed the LinkMe Marketing arm to help users grow their businesses and acquire marketing services. It also serves as a digital business card for entrepreneurs, artists, and companies. The platform emphasized that 27 million business cards are printed daily, with over 7,000,000 trees chopped to produce such materials yearly. In turn, the world’s forest loses almost six million hectares to deforestation every day, which is equivalent to over 12 million football fields. By going green and switching to digital, LinkMe users are effectively reducing their carbon footprint and are playing an active role in saving the planet and its natural resources.

LinkMe is bridging the gap between social media profiles and simplifying how people share their information. It’s simultaneously an app and a social platform. For four years, LinkMe has been making a significant impact on its users across the globe and has been consistent in fulfilling its goal of creating a new face for digital networking. Since its inception up to this day, LinkMe has gained over 70 million impressions and 500,000 ambassadors and is patronized by users across the globe. 

“We reached a million followers on Instagram,” Kohen said. “Our app is used in over 180 countries. We hit the top charts on the App Store multiple times. Our company got verified on TikTok and Instagram,” the CEO added, sharing the latest milestones LinkMe has reached. With an already promising track record, there’s no doubt that LinkMe will truly transform how people network themselves and their brands in the modern era.

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