Elon Musk’s brother just sold $ 25 million of Tesla stock

Restaurateur, chef and investor Kimbal Musk made headlines this week for selling 30,000 Tesla shares for $ 25.6 million. Although his older brother, Elon, is much better known, Kimbal has also founded and invested in his fair share of companies.

The two co-founded Zip2, which was later sold to Compaq, and Kimbal was a previous investor in his brother’s company, which was later sold to PayPal. Since then, Kimbal has focused on mission-driven food-related activities. He was the co-founder and CEO of The Kitchen Restaurant Group, Big Green, and Square Roots Urban Growers. He is a former Chipotle board member.

The Tesla shares that Kimbal sold represent just 5% of his total stakes; he had 600,000 Tesla shares in October, according to FactSet. Kimbal still sits on the board of Tesla and SpaceX.

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