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Merali Media Launches Their Closing Guarantee

Merali Media is taking charge, helping real estate professionals pack their calendars to the brim with qualified real estate closings. With its iconic closing guarantee, the company has effectively changed the game for many entrepreneurs and reshaped the entire real estate industry. 

Merali Media is so confident in its real estate acquisition process that as long as the right effort is put into it, its clients have guaranteed success. The company does not operate like a mere third party for their clients but acts like their clients’ partners, believing that the success of Merali Media relies on the success of their clients. The company thrives on filling its clients’ pipeline with qualified appointments, leading them to close deals as efficiently as possible.

“Our team will run and optimize your ads, generate high-quality leads, reach out to them on your behalf to qualify them and to set you appointments with potential buyers and sellers. We are so confident that we now guarantee results as long as you service every appointment sent your way,” they explained. Banking on the confidence of delivering unrivaled results across the board, the company is ready to take on greater heights and expand its clientele to serve more business owners, not only within its community but across the country, with an action plan for the vision already underway. 

In 2016, when the founders were working at a brokerage with some of the members of their team, the founder shared that they used to pay an average of $600 for every appointment with an average closing rate of 10%. As professionals navigating the landscape, they knew there had to be a better, a more cost-efficient way to gain leads and close deals. From there, the Merali Media team made it their mission to help realtors achieve their goals and significantly decrease cost per acquisition while simultaneously guaranteeing success with every potential lead/appointment. Clients can text, email, call, and schedule appointments within the platform, and it will all be on autopilot. 

“Cost Per Lead is cool and all, but at the end of the day, what really matters is Cost Per Acquisition, and our clients typically range between a $400 to $1000 CPA. Not only that but their lead generation system is automated so that realtors can focus on what they do best– closing deals,” they explained. In addition, Merali Media has effectively built a lead nurturing system that allows the team to maximize conversions and give their clients as many guaranteed appointments as possible. 

For years, Merali Media has not only gained the trust of countless real estate professionals but also built partnerships with notable companies in the landscape, including Remax, Keller Williams Realty, and RealtyConnectUSA. 

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