This is Mark Zuckerberg’s version of the future of the home office

Mark Zuckerberg, founder of Facebook proclaims that in the future work will overcome physical barriers and enter the level of virtual reality (VR) and augmented (AR). He pointed this out during a brief appearance on Clubhouse, a popular invitation-only audio chat social network, to share his futuristic take on human-computer interaction and remote working.

Pandemic lockdowns have shown that it is not necessary to tie employees to physical locations and offices, since AR and VR technologies make it possible to “live anywhere and be ‘present’ wherever you want,” was what Zuckerberg said. the investor Constinea on his Twitter account.

“We should be teleporting and not transporting!” Zuckerberg claimed, according to Constinea. In addition to freedom of location, the entrepreneur also noted such benefits as improved staff productivity and reduced environmental emissions.

To adapt to this new reality, virtual and augmented reality professionals at Facebook Reality Labs are currently focusing on integrating these technologies into telecommuting in order to provide presence without physical displacement.

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