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How Investment Management Can Shape Your Financial Future

How you invest your money today will have an impact on your tomorrow. Trying to do things on your own without any experience can be quite risky – and can even have devastating consequences. After all, making good investment decisions can be a challenge.


With investment management, you can minimize the risks and maximize your returns. This will allow you to reach your goals and shape your financial future.

What is Investment Management?

Investment management involves placing your assets in the hands of a skilled financial consultant. This individual will set objectives for your investments, research investment opportunities that align with your goals, diversify your portfolio, and, most importantly, they will make informed decisions that will directly shape your financial future.


In other words, investment management takes the tough choices out of your hands and puts them into the hands of someone who is skilled and experienced enough to provide the best solutions.

Advantages of Investment Management

When you make the decision to turn your investment portfolio over to a highly-skilled financial consultant, you are giving yourself the best chance of meeting your goals for investing and shaping your financial future.


Below are a few ways in how it is done.

Customized Investment Services

You grant yourself access to investment services that are customized to your needs when you choose investment management. You will work with a financial consultant to determine your goals and objectives, as well as discuss the level of risk you are comfortable with taking.


Your investment portfolio will be defined by these terms and preferences, accessing only those investment opportunities that fit your needs.

Continuous Monitoring

With investment management, you can feel confident that someone is always monitoring your portfolio. This will allow them to make changes when necessary to ensure your investments remain in alignment with your financial goals at all times.


Markets can change quickly. Having the confidence that someone is always watching over your investments means knowing you will continue moving toward your goals for the future.

Decreased Risk of Negative Returns

Trying to handle your investments on your own as someone who is lacking in experience leaves you with a greater chance of negative returns, resulting in a negative impact on your financial future. However, working with a financial consultant who has a strong understanding of investment management can lead you in a positive direction. This will get you the positive returns you need to boost your future.

Choosing the Right Financial Consultant

Although investment management can be a great asset in your financial planning, it is really only as good as the financial consultant. Choose wisely.


Your financial consultant should:


  • Take the time to work closely with you so that your goals may be fully understood
  • Create a formal Investment Policy Statement (IPS) so that your requirements are never crossed
  • Routinely meet with you to confirm your investments are still aligned with your goals
  • Maintain open communication about the current status of your portfolio


And, of course, you want to hire a financial consultant that works with and is backed by a reputable firm.


The Investment Counsel Company is ranked as one of the Top 100 Independent Financial Advisors, offering wealth management services to those with $1,000,000 or more in investable assets.

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