From Underground Miner to Business Maverick: The Journey of Felix Howland

Quebec City, QC – At just 26 years old, Felix Howland has embarked on a remarkable journey, transforming from an underground miner in the icy expanses of northern Canada to a dynamic manager of a burgeoning startup, and soon, a world traveler on a mission to build a global network.

A Kickboxer’s Determination

Felix’s journey is one of resilience and adaptability. Currently an amateur kickboxing student, he has channeled the discipline and tenacity from the ring into his professional life. Felix manages a startup that has seamlessly expanded from the US to Canada, revolutionizing the car delivery industry by using individual drivers to transport vehicles directly from railyards to dealerships. This innovative approach bypasses the traditional haul trucks, streamlining logistics and enhancing efficiency.

Mastering the Business Landscape

In his role, Felix handles everything from logistics to B2B relations. His exceptional communication skills and solution-oriented mindset set him apart in the management niche. “No situation is too big to manage,” he asserts, a testament to his calm demeanor under pressure. Felix’s meticulous attention to detail and ability to navigate complex challenges have earned him the respect of his peers and the businesses he collaborates with.

Beyond Borders: A Grand Adventure

As his mandate in Quebec City draws to a close in September, Felix is preparing for his next great adventure. He plans to travel the world, seeking a new base and expanding his network. Whether he finds a remote sales job or gains enough traction with his side hustle in media marketing, Felix is determined to make his mark. His journey is not just about professional growth but also about personal enrichment and connection.

A Holistic Approach to Life

Felix’s interests extend beyond business. He is an avid investor in cryptocurrency and a student of holistic medicine, having completed one of the best courses in the field. This knowledge has transformed his personal life, and he applies these principles daily. Despite the challenges of offering health advice, Felix remains passionate about holistic wellness and its potential to improve lives.

From the Depths of the Earth to the Heights of Ambition

Felix’s story is also one of physical and emotional resilience. As an underground miner, he endured extreme conditions, including -60°C temperatures, blizzards, and dangerous work environments. “I’ve worked in crazy conditions,” Felix recalls, sharing stories of sunlight lasting 20 hours a day in Katinniq, where the tundra landscape resembles the moon. These experiences have shaped his character and fueled his drive to succeed.

Join Felix on His Journey

Felix Howland is more than just a manager or a trader; he is a testament to the power of resilience and adaptability. Follow his journey, learn from his experiences, and be inspired by his relentless pursuit of growth and connection. Join Felix as he explores new horizons, one step at a time.

For more updates and insights, follow Felix on Instagram: @Czarcrafted.


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