Feel the electrifying chill in the air with Peter John Anadio II’s hot new single “Electric Feel”

Peter John Anadio II recently released a new song titled “Electric Feel”. It is outperforming everyone’s expectations by breaking streaming records across all platforms. Fans are slowly starting to take notice of Peter and his wonderful music. As a result of this, Peter is currently in the spotlight. 

He released his EP this year. The EP includes the tracks  “Need You,” “Electric Feel,” and “Closer”. The songs have been arranged in a specific way for a purpose. Together they create a memorable experience for the listener. That’s why you will keep hitting the repeat button once you hear the EP once. 

Despite his newfound fame, he knows a lot more about music than he lets on. He has the ability to generate enthralling tunes and beats that will have you dancing around the house.

His recent rise to fame has made him a frequent topic of discussion on social media. He’s unquestionably an artist to keep an eye on. Without a doubt, we can expect great things from him in the future.

Listen to “Electric Feel” on Spotify

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