Best Customer Support Technology You Need For Your Business

For a new start-up to take off, a creative and innovative idea or money are not the only thing that is important or required. From the moment a new business is initiated, customer satisfaction should initially be the priority of a business.

Customer service is something that plays a very vital role in a company’s success. It can lead to various advantages, increase your value in the market, and open more doors of success for your company.

The Xfinity customer service department has set an example for all the enterprises out there by showing excellent customer service based on many surveys, and ratings from live chats to Xfinity communities, guides, and much more; they have it all for their users and they aren’t going slow.

A lot of different studies prove how much customer contentment is essential for a company to succeed. Companies should invest in the right tasks and tools to achieve customer satisfaction. Following are some best channels for viewers:

  • Phones

There are several methods available for a company to use in order to connect with customers. Some of them may take some time while others allow the customers to get in touch with the company or customer service team instantly.

Phones are the tools that enable customers to interact with the customer service team right at the time they want. It assists them in solving their query in a short period without wasting any.

It is no lie that face-to-face engagement is the most effective way to satisfy a customer query but telephones are one effective tool as well. Customers who are less tech-savvy and have a preference for calling the corporate really take advantage of this particular tool.

  • E-Mails

E-mails are a more convenient option for individuals who do not have enough time to converse over a phone call. People who perform several tasks and are usually busy prefer getting in touch with the corporate through email.

This helps them save time as it is a more delayed version of communication. They cannot go on minutes-long phone calls so they choose to leave an email and check for a reply whenever they get enough time. However, it does result in a lengthier waiting time.

  • Live chats

The most recent and latest way adopted by businesses to improve their customer satisfaction rate is with the live chat options, keeping the human touch alive. Live chats appear sometimes as pop-ups or on some side for the customers to get in touch with the customer service team right there and then.

Almost all of the benefits that clients enjoy when using the live chat option are determined by the response rate or the speed by which they can get help. The ability to multitask while doing so is also important like playing a game while asking queries in the chat.

To improve the customer experience, live chats often consist of image uploads. Sharing screenshots, for example, can help agents recognize and fix a problem, making communication more effective.

Tools for Live chat

Because of customer service software, your staff members should be in the best possible position to provide an excellent customer experience. Agents will find it easier to stay organized, receive data to answer questions, and report back on obligations.

Consumers will take advantage of quicker responses given by customer care members, computer-controlled responses to regularly asked questions and fewer missed calls. Here are some commonly used tools for live chat which can be used by businesses.

  1. Groove
  2. LiveAgent
  3. HubSpot
  4. Fresh Desk
  5. Zoho Desk

Self-Service Channels:

The above-discussed ways to help in the improvement of customer service are all traditional ways used by businesses. However, the times are evolving and customers are switching toward self-help services. These self-help channels may consist of FAQs (frequently asked questions), forums, surveys organized by the corporate, etc.

Customers nowadays are more likely to prefer resolving the issues faced by them through self-service channels. This way is proved to be more efficient and it leaves the customers more satisfied.

They do not have to go through the hassle of phone calls or emails and can easily resolve their problems. Consumers benefit from such techniques since they not only help them in solving their issues but they gain additional insight and knowledge on some topics.


It is no lie that the world is being revolutionized and techs are coming up with more efficient ideas with each day passing. Video assist is one such technology tool. Video-assisted support is a truly innovative technology that enables representatives to tap into a live video feed from a customer’s device camera to give them remote but immediate assistance.

It is proven to be the most efficient channel on this list. A large group of customers prefers this tool as they think that it is way more convenient to visualize their problems to the representative than just talking about them. It leaves the customer very satisfied, hence, it generates revenue.

Social Media

When deciding where to provide customer service, businesses do not always consider social media sites such as Facebook and Twitter initially. But even so, it continues to be a significant means of communication as that is where the majority of your clients are most likely to be found. It provides a platform for both the business and the customers to interact with each other with so many features.


In conclusion, in order to maintain and build a strong loyal relationship with customers and provide the best quality customer service, the above-discussed points should be put into consideration and steps should be taken accordingly.

You want to see how to utilize this to your advantage and keep your clients fulfilled. These previously mentioned channels and tools must be used to provide excellent customer service.

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